Shreyas Iyer Captain of Kolkata Knight Riders

This legendary leader was born in 1994 on December 6 in Mumbai in the Santosh Iyer family.

IPL fans love to follow the personal lives of their idols even more than enjoy their sporting achievements in cricket arenas. Today we learn more about the mighty KKR captain Shreyas Iyer, his background, age, height, whether he has a girlfriend or wife, or both! So let’s go!

His father himself was an ardent fan of cricket and from childhood instilled in his son a love of sports in general and cricket in particular. Young Shreyas made his first successes at the age of 15 as part of the school team, taking the position of the batsman.

The person who noticed the talent of the young man and helped him take the first steps in his professional career was the trainer of the Shivaji Park Gymkhana gym named Pravin Amre. He saw an eighteen-year-old Ayer and helped him win several college trophies.

His college teammates compare him to the legendary Virender Sehwag, a testament to the young captain’s professionalism and agility. Many experts note that despite his non-athletic physical form, he shows excellent results.

Let’s look at the physical data of the athlete:

  • Height: 1.80 m;
  • Weight: 65kg;
  • Chest: 40 inches;
  • Waist: 30 inches;
  • Biceps:14 inches!

As can be judged, he won the love of the audience thanks to his tactics and ability to correctly assess the situation on the field.
Betting fans noticed the athlete in 2015 when he was first bought at an auction to participate in the IPL. Starting participation in the tournament, he immediately distinguished himself by completing 930 runs in 13 innings, which immediately helped him become a fan favorite.

It is also worth paying attention to his bowling style. Iyer discourages his opponents on the field with a unique googly legbreak style that allows him to throw the ball in unpredictable trajectories and break even the most protected wickets.

Shreyas Iyer Personal Life

This athlete can serve as a real example of a son and brother. His father and mother regularly receive visits, words of gratitude and gifts from their son. His sister is always under the care of her brother. She is a successful dancer and choreographer who runs a choreography school called “Who Cares Dance Academy”.

Also, Iyer professes Hinduism and leads a moderate lifestyle. At the age of 27, he is currently unmarried and remains an enviable bachelor.

Athlete is in no hurry to advertise his private life. The athlete admitted that he was in a long-term relationship that ended painfully for him. At the moment, the athlete is not in a relationship, is in no hurry to have children and wants to devote more time to his development and helping his family.

Shreyas Iyer Ipl 2022 Performance

All fans and betting enthusiasts know that for six years Iyer was a member of the Delhi Capitals team. However, to the delight of the fans, the transfer was made and Shreyas took the position of captain of the Kolkata Knight Riders. Thanks to their prowess and performance, the team quickly adopted a new captain and had a series of successful matches.

In those games, Iyer had 401 runs in 14 games. Most of the matches of the season, the team, unfortunately fans of online betting – lost. However, the management is confident that next year the young captain will be able to lead the team to better results.

An interesting fact is that the KKR team has a player named Venkatesh Iyer. Many viewers were confused and wondered about the Venkatesh Iyer and Shreyas Iyer relationship. Some were even sure that they were brothers. Alas, this is not the case. Shreyas was born in Mumbai and Venkatesh was born in Indore. Despite the fact that they are just namesakes, teammates note that Venkatesh and Shreyas form a good tandem and successfully interact on the field during the match.

All-time IPL Performance

Shreyas began his IPL journey in 2015 when he was bought by Delhi Daredevils for $430,000. Very soon, the young athlete became the leader of the team and significantly improved the performance of the entire squad. In his debut season as captain, he was able to smash unbeaten knockouts in 93 matches using just 43 innings with 10 sixes.

The highlight of the captaincy was a win over Team KKR by 55 runs. This is quite ironic, because that’s when the KKR team thought about getting this young and energetic captain. At the moment Shreyas Iyer IPL 2022 continues his triumphant activity within the Indian Premier League, but being the skipper of the KKR team.

Shreyas Iyer Strengths and Weaknesses

Many fans and amateurs of betting online carefully analyze players before making a bet. Let’s take an objective look at this player and see what he does well and what he doesn’t.


  1. Astonishing footwork;
  2. Fast field speed;
  3. Excellent mentor and leader for the team;
  4. Strong batsman;
  5. Mindset aiming for victory!


  1. He has a shoulder injury;
  2. Weak against short ball;
  3. Not so good in defense;
  4. Easily distracted at the field;
  5. Not easy-going with a team!

How to Bet Kolkata Knight Riders

Many bookmakers raised the odds when Shreyas became the team captain, as they understood that the young and energetic captain would bring his mite to the activities of an already strong and successful team.

The main bets are placed on the best player of the match and the highest number of runs. Previously, one could bet on his well-aimed and fast serves, but his shots suffered after a shoulder injury.

Betting online on IPL matches became much more exciting when Shreyas Iyer KKR captain, was on the field.

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Use the information you receive wisely. We hope the facts about the life of an athlete will help you better understand his sports talents and make successful bets!


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