Kane Williamson Captain of Sunrisers Hyderabad

Kane’s birthday was in 1990 on August 8th into an athletic family.

Every sports fan, especially betting online fans, has their favorites among sportsmen. According to bookmakers, one of the most popular IPL captains is Kane Williamson. Today we will look at this athlete from various angles and try to get to know the idol of sports fans better.

His parents at one time were also seriously involved in sports. His father, named Brett, played club cricket professionally in New Zealand until the age of 17. His mother Sandra was a first-class basketball player.

It was the hobbies of the parents that helped the young Williamson to form the necessary worldview and from childhood begin his ascent to the sporting heights.

His father himself trained him at home and later at the gym. According to the memoirs of the athlete himself, it was the upbringing of his father that allowed him to become a successful captain and make a good career and become the best athlete of the year.

Kane started his career at the age of 14 and by the age of 16 he was on the first-class cricket team, which allowed him to compete with the best athletes of his age, playing for college teams.
SRH fans note the athlete’s truly strong physique, which undoubtedly adds to his points as a captain and high-scoring player.

Let’s learn more about Kane options:

  • Height: 1.73m;
  • Weight: 66kg;
  • Chest: 38 inches;
  • Waist: 29 inches;
  • Biceps:12 inches!

Among the fans, he is known for his explosive strength and excellent leadership skills. He can not only quickly assess the situation on the field and give appropriate instructions to the team, he is also able to go into a head-on collision with the enemy and get the points necessary to win, thereby motivating the team to seemingly impossible actions.

Having made his debut in cricket in 2007, already in 2008 he was appointed to the post of captain of the New Zealand national team, which indicates a high level of professionalism, responsibility, and sports passion. In total, Williamson captained New Zealand three times in the 2011, 2015, and 2019 Cricket World Cups.

Kane Williamson Personal Life

This athlete is quite sociable and open in communication with journalists, but when it comes to his personal life, he becomes inaccessible. The cricketer never reveals personal details, but a lot can be learned thanks to social networks and nosy journalists.

At the moment, what is known about his personal life is that he is in a serious relationship with nurse Sarah Raheem. They started dating in 2015. Many considered this union a fleeting affair, but after so many years, the couple is still together and in 2020 they even gave birth to a common child.

Despite a strong relationship, and a child, the couple is in no hurry to get married. The athlete did not give any comments on this matter. It is known about his wife that she was born in Bristol, but soon moved to New Zealand. She worked as a nurse, where she met Kane.

According to acquaintances, Williamson came to visit his friend from the New Zealand team, where Sarah worked, and fell in love with her at first sight. Sarah officially accompanied athlete to the 2016 Athlete of the Year Awards in Auckland.


Kane Williamson Ipl 2022 Performance

Most of the fans know Kane as an IPL player, where he was able to fully realize his captaining experience in the New Zealand national team and prove that he is worthy of all the awards that he received during his career.

The athlete began his activity in the Indian Premier League in 2015, when he signed a contract with Sunrisers Hyderabad and replaced the former legendary captain David Warner two years later.

In his first year of leadership, Kane Williamson SRH managed to take second place in the championship with his team and become the top scorer of the season with over seven hundred runs. The 2022 season was not as successful as before, with Kane only 20 runs and the team only managed to win three matches, which has significantly lowered the odds for SRH betting.

All-time IPL Performance

Throughout his Kane Williamson IPL career, he has amassed a serious list of accomplishments. For the past 7 years, he has racked up over 2,000 runs, knocked down over 1,500 wickets and averaged 1.5 ina per game.
Each IPL match under his leadership is a work of art, where each player has his own role. He is known as a clear strategist and quick striker.

The highest praise for his performance was the appointment of captain instead of David Warner.
The peak of his career was second place in the IPL final. However, many cricket enthusiasts claim that the peak of his career is yet to come.

Kane Williamson Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Strong and experienced leader;
  • Outstanding strategist;
  • Strong bowler;
  • Highly-motivated!


  • Poor batting technique;
  • Leg injury;
  • Worst player in 2022;
  • He is older than his teammates!

How to Bet Sunrisers Hyderabad

Due to the extremely poor performance in the 2022 season, the Kane Williamson SRH odds have dropped significantly, but the most loyal fans are sure that this is the darkness before dawn. After all, there have already been moments in Williamson’s career when, after a series of defeats, he managed to set the team up for victory.

Analysts do not advise betting online on winning the championship, however, betting on the best / worst player can bring tangible results. It is also worth trying to predict the number of wickets knocked down and the number of runs made. A given team is usually fairly consistent in these numbers.

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Use the information you receive wisely. We hope the facts about the life of an athlete will help you better understand his sports talents and make successful bets!


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