What is Cricket Betting?

Cricket betting involves making predictions about the outcome of a cricket match or events that occur within a match. Cricket bettors place money on certain outcomes coming true and if they are correct they receive a payout from the sportsbook. The size of the payout is determined by the size of the bet also known as the stake and the odds.

Odds are offered by a sportsbook as a way to entice bettors to place wagers on a cricket match. Odds reveal how much your bet will be paid out. For example, if you place a wager at 7 to 1 odds and you bet $100 you will receive $700 profit plus your stake of $100 if your bet is correct. The size of the odds is determined by the likelihood of an event happening. For example, betting that a player will get out for a golden duck will have very high odds while betting India to beat Bangladesh will have low odds.

It is the job of cricket bettors to analyze a cricket match and determine when a sportsbook has set incorrect odds and then take advantage of these odds by placing a bet. For example, if the sportsbook predicts that India has a 60% chance of beating Australia but the bettor determines that India actually has a 70% chance of winning they would place a bet.

Sportsbooks make money by setting accurate odds that entice bettors to gamble evenly on both teams. If the sportsbooks do their job correctly they profit irrespective of the result of a cricket match because of the fees they charge. These fees are typically hidden, for example, the sportsbook may predict South Africa has a 55% chance of beating England and then predict England has a 50% chance of winning. As you can see, these percentages add up to 105%, this extra 5% represents the fee charged by the sportsbook.

How Do You Bet On Cricket?

It is now incredibly easy to gamble on cricket matches thanks to the creation of online betting sites. To start wagering and winning cash just follow these steps:

  1. Select an online betting site – stick to licensed sites that offer a range of bonuses
  2. Navigate to the online betting and site and click “Sign up” – you will need an active email and mobile number and will need to share your name, address, and date of birth
  3. Deposit money to your account – you can deposit via credit and debit cards, e-wallets, crypto, and bank transfer
  4. Open the cricket betting markets – click one button and immediately dive into the best markets!
  5. Pick a game or tournament – you can’t go wrong betting on the Big Bash, Ashes, or Indian Premier League
  6. Select your bet type – with so many bets to choose from you will always find incredible action, we recommend you make match results, innings runs, top batsmen, top bowler and method of dismissal wagers
  7. Type in amount – it is recommended that you start small and increase your stake size as you win, otherwise you may end up with some big losses
  8. Confirm your wager – hit the confirm button and now your wager is live, you just need to sit back and wait for the payout!
  9. You can register at an online betting site in under 5 minutes! Once you have signed up you are able to instantly deposit and quickly browse through the gambling markets until you find the perfect wager.

    How To Choose A Cricket Online Betting Site?

    It doesn’t matter if you have the world’s greatest cricket betting strategy if you can’t find a reliable and safe betting site to accept your bets. Unfortunately, there is a lot of scam online betting sites that try to steal your money.

To ensure you gamble safely check out our tips for finding the best online betting sites:

You might be surprised but many people don’t pay attention to the most important factor which is a valid license. The best licenses come from the UK, Malta, and Curacao as they have some of the strictest rules when issuing the document. You can usually check the license in the legal provisions of the site. Ensure it is valid and legit prior to signing up to the cricket betting provider.

Did you know that you could boost your initial deposit by up to 40% if you just take advantage of the juicy bonuses and promo deals offered by the cricket gambling site? Most top-tier platforms will give you bonus cash as well as free wagers you can use to earn some extra dollars and grow your empire quicker. Since most sites offer different deals, we recommend signing up to at least 3 sites to see which one is providing the most lucrative deal. Also, if you enjoy mobile betting, you are in luck – mobile players usually get some additional promo deals that allow them to win much more and wager on the go!

Since not all websites provide the opportunity to gamble on cricket, you must check if your chosen provider allows making cricket bets. If yes, check all the other criteria in our article and start betting big!

To make cricket betting enjoyable, ensure you can deposit and withdraw the funds in a way that is convenient to you. Most modern providers allow using bank transfers, debit/credit cards, and even cryptocurrency. You might also want to check the size of fees and other commissions – a lot of sites offer 0% fee, so you should opt for them to save some extra cash.

No matter if you are a beginner or a pro, you might have difficulties when betting on cricket, so you must be able to reach customer support staff in no time. If the provider you choose offers only email support that takes days to proceed, steer clear of it as there are tons of websites on the internet that offer 24/7 customer support available via online chats, tickets, phone, and even video calls.

Why is Cricket Betting So Popular?

Cricket is one of the most bet on sports in the entire world because of the sheer number of fans of this sport. There are an estimated 1 billion cricket fans hailing from countries including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, England, and of course India. Cricket is by far the most popular sport in India and 900 million Indians consider themselves cricket fans.
Cricket is also extremely popular because of the range of different formats. With so many different types of cricket, the sport appeals to a wide base of fans, ensuring there is a match worth betting on for everyone. Cricket gambling also has all different kinds of available wagers which present many profitable opportunities that bettors can take advantage of.
As cricket is an international game there are always matches occurring around the world. In Australia, the season kicks off in September and finishes in April while in England there are amazing matches starting in April and they wrap up in September. This means no matter the time of the year bettors can get their fix and place money on world-class cricket games.


Where Can You Bet On Cricket?

You can bet on cricket at a variety of different online betting sites. At these sites, you can sign up in less than 5 minutes, deposit instantly and then start browsing the amazing cricket gambling markets on offer. Thanks to these online sportsbooks you can gamble on cricket matches from around the world including the best games in England, India, South African, and Australia. You will never get bored with a constant stream of events and different match types include ODIs, test matches, and Twenty20. Remember to make sure the online betting site you choose is fully licensed legal and has a long track record of providing first-class cricket betting services.

What Cricket Matches Can You Bet On?

Cricket has an amazing range of different formats and types of matches you can wager on. Here are some of the most popular matches you may gamble on right now!
Indian Premier League – The Indian Premier League features the best local and international players who battle it out in this Twenty20 competition. If you enjoy lots of wickets and big-hitting then this competition is for you!
Big Bash – The Big Bash is an amazing Twenty20 domestic competition that is based in Australia. This competition also features a healthy dose of international players and is always exciting as players compete on the fast and bouncy Australian pitches.
One Day Internationals – Watch the best teams from around the globe including England, Australia, South Africa, and India compete in the 50 over match format. These games typically last around 6 hours and are a great mix of test matches and Twenty20 games.
Test matches – The classic form of the game takes place over 5 days with each team getting to bat and bowl twice. Test matches are like a long epic movie and often feature many twists and turns!
Cricket has so many different types of games to gamble on, ensuring that you could always find incredible action!

What Types Of Cricket Wagers Can You Make?

Cricket has ridiculously extensive betting markets that can rival any sport in the world! With this sport, you can gamble on everything part of the game imaginable including some fun exotic wagers. Some of the most popular types of wagers include:

  • Match result – All you need to do is predict your favorite to win and you can cash out a big prize!
  • Completed match – Try to predict that the weather won’t cancel the game
  • Total runs – See if you can figure out how many runs both teams will score in a match
  • Top scorer – If you want to guess which batsman will hit the most runs you win!
  • Top bowler – Predict which bowler is going to dominate and take the most wickets
  • Method of dismissal – With this bet you need to guess how a particular batsman is going to get out, the options include bowled, LBW, caught, or run out.

Trust us you will never get bored when placing cash on cricket matches because there are always high value and fun bets worth making. Prior to confirming your wager make sure you spend some extra time researching the team and players to increase your chance of winning

What Is Cricket Live Betting?

Cricket live betting refers to making wagers while a match is still being played. This is in contrast to pre-match betting where wagers are placed prior to the game starting. Live cricket betting is extremely popular because it adds an element of excitement as you can constantly make new bets throughout the match. One great way to make live wagers in cricket is to gamble on the outcome of the next ball. With this wager, you predict whether the next ball will be runs, a dot ball, or a wicket, and thanks to the live markets you can continually make this wager throughout the game.
Another great aspect of live betting is that the odds are dynamic which means they are constantly changing as the game changes. For example, if India takes two quick wickets suddenly the odds for backing them to win have shrunk. With odds shifting throughout a cricket match you can find an incredible range of profitable opportunities. Many cricket bettors confirm bets just before sportsbooks are able to update their odds, allowing them to lock in amazing odds.
At the top sportsbook, you can find live cricket wagering markets on all games including Twenty20, ODI, and test matches. If you are looking for profitable cricket gambling opportunities then the live markets are definitely worth checking out.

What Are The Best Cricket Bets?

The best way to make money from cricket betting is to select the right wager! Cricket gambling markets are super deep and you could make hundreds of different wagers and earn a lot of cash.

Not all of these bets are created equal so if you want to boost your win rate we recommend you try out these wagers!

If you are looking for a simple, high-value way to gamble on cricket then match betting is for you! With match betting, all you need to do is predict which team is going to win! You can bet on Team A to win, a draw, or Team B to win.

Are you obsessed with cricket stats? Then an innings runs wager could make you rich! With this bet, you need to predict the number of runs a particular team will score in a single inning. An innings runs wager is usually offered as an over/under and you need to determine whether the runs will be higher or lower than the sportsbook’s prediction. For example, India is playing Pakistan and batting first, the over/under may be set at 300 runs. If you take the under and India scores 299 runs or less you walk away with a nice payout!

Do you love watching batsmen smash the ball through cover for 4 or take on the bowler and hit it over his head for 6? Then it is time to use your cricket knowledge to make a top batsman bet. With this style of wager, you need to correctly identify the batsman who will score the most runs. There are numerous options including gambling on a batsman to score the most runs in a single inning, a game, or even over an entire series. You can choose any player in a team’s lineup but if you want to boost your odds we recommend placing cash on the number 3rd or 4th batsmen.

If you enjoy live cricket betting markets then the method of dismissal is the wager for you! With this bet, you need to figure how a particular batsman will get out. You may gamble on a batsman being caught, stumped, run out, bowled, or leg behind the wicket. To improve your win rate you need to know the tendencies of the batsmen and crunch the numbers to see the most common way they get out. And it is very important to analyze the ways in which the bowlers typically get batsmen out.

If you feel like having a gamble and believe luck is on your side, why not gamble on the coin toss which occurs prior to the match. The coin toss is used to determine which side will bat or bowl first. The odds for this bet are 50/50 so while you aren’t a favorite to win you also are unlikely to lose much with this simple yet exciting wager.

Did you know you could wager on which cricket team will score the most run-outs? A run-out occurs when players run between the wickets in an effort to score runs and the opposition manages to hit the stumps before the players get across the crease. To win your most run-outs bets you should gamble on teams with skillful wicket keepers and fast and athletic fieldsmen, particularly in the cover. We also recommend betting against teams who have new batsmen who have not played with each other, as these new partnerships often end in run-outs.

How To Win Money Betting On Cricket?

Do you want to win money gambling on cricket! Then it is time to do your research and develop a winning strategy. To increase your win rate right now follow our expert tips below!

Perform In-Depth Research Before Betting!
It would be great if you could just pick your hometown team and win all of your bets. To actually be a profitable cricket gambler you must research the critical factors that influence the outcome of a cricket match. The most important factor is the pitch the game is being played on. For example, if the game is occurring in India the ball will spin a lot as the pitch will crack and be dusty. Studying the weather is incredibly important as wetness will cause the ball to skid.. And you need to compare the team’s lineups and look at how the players will compete against each other. For example, if Team A has 2 amazing spinners while Team B’s batsmen perform poorly against spinners then betting on Team A is a no-brainer.

Become A Cricket Expert
Cricket is a detailed sport with complicated rules and has its own language. Before you start throwing cash on your favorite team we recommend you study the different rules and become fluent in cricket jargon. If you don’t know what a silly mid-off is or what a golden duck is then you need to study the game more! Luckily, cricket is quick to pick and after watching a few games you will be able to jump in and start betting. To become a true expert in the sport you should join your local club and start playing. There is no better way to become an expert in cricket than playing the game!

Follow Strict Bankroll Management
Even the most talented gamblers have lost it all when they failed to practice prudent bankroll management. If you are not careful you can lose everything including your winnings and more. To protect your funds you should only bet 2% of your bankroll on each wager. For example, if you have a $10000 bankroll keep your average bets to $200 or less.

You Must Remain Calm And Focus On The Stats
Too many cricket gamblers blindly bet on their favorite team without doing any research. The best gamblers wager purely with their head and don’t let their heart influence their decisions. If you want to be successful you need to be like a robot and be capable of following the math. To start winning, avoid all emotions and just rely on the statistics.

Check Out Professional Cricket Tipsters
When you are beginning your cricket gambling career it can pay off to see what professional tipsters are predicting. Many of these tipsters are professional gamblers who have been beating the sportsbooks for years. These experts will teach you how to think about the game and give you winning betting tips! However, you need to be careful to ensure that these tipsters are legit. So make sure you write down their tips and check their accuracy before following them.

Study The Weather
In cricket, the weather could turn a sure win into a draw or help a team mount a massive comeback and win the game. Poor weather makes it very challenging to bat and usually gives bowlers the advantage. However, you also have to worry about the match being canceled and declared a draw. Before you place a wager triple-check the weather forecast!

What Are The Best Cricket Matches And Tournaments To Gamble On?

While cricket is a summer sport because the game is played in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres there are always games on. With so many different tournaments and cricket matches taking place, selecting the best gamble to place money on can be tricky. If you want to improve your chances of winning then we recommend you gamble on these incredible cricket events which not only feature world-class players but always have fantastic odds.

Here are the main ones:

The very best players from around the world represent their countries in the Cricket World Cup which is held once every four years. The event is the absolute pinnacle of the sport and is held in a new country every hosted in a new country. The Cricket World Cup has contested over 50 overs and it follows the ODI rules. If you want to watch amazing athleticism and incredible bowlers and batsmen then you need to bet on the Cricket World Cup today!

The Ashes is a premier cricket event that features a test series between Australia and England. This series brings out the best in both teams and you will see the most competitive cricket anywhere in the world. England and Australia have one of the fiercest rivalries and with massive crowds screaming at the top of their lungs you won’t find a better atmosphere. The Ashes is a test match series and each game is contested over 5 long days. Cricket gamblers can find incredible live betting markets for this test series and are always presented with awesome odds.

Do you love Twenty20 cricket? Then the Indian Premier League is for you! This domestic competition features a large number of world-class international players plus the very best Indian athletes. The action is incredibly fast-paced with wickets and sixes happening nearly every over! The IPL is the most bet on cricket competition in the world because of the high number of matches, fantastic odds, and wide range of bet types.

Why Do Most Cricket Gamblers Lose Money?

You have heard the statistic that 90% or more cricket gamblers lose money over the long term. This may seem like a very high number but it starts to make sense when you realize how the average bettor gambles. Check out the main reasons gamblers lose money below:
Zero strategy – Making random wagers is not an effective strategy. It is impossible to win over the long-term randomly picking teams and outcomes. Incredibly this is how most cricket gamblers bet, so it is not surprising to see so many lose. To win over the long term you need to perform extensive research and only bet when there are profitable opportunities.
Chase losses – Many novice gamblers will suffer a big loss and then immediately try and win the money back. Unfortunately, their lack of patience results in them making terrible bets and losing even more money. This nasty cycle repeats itself until these gamblers have lost a serious chunk of change.
No bankroll management – Many gamblers are actually successful at predicting the outcome of matches. However, where they go wrong is managing their money. Too many bettors wager too much of their cash and when they get one or two wagers wrong they lose everything.
Don’t claim bonuses – Most cricket gamblers don’t spend the time to study different bonus offers. These bonus offers can be a great way to instantly add a few hundred dollars to your bankroll. You should always study which promos are available and the terms and conditions before signing up at a betting site.
Bet on shady sites – A great way to lose your deposit and winnings is to gamble on an unlicensed gambling site. These sites often offer fake bonuses, fake odds and when you go to withdraw your money they will come up with all kinds of excuses as to why they can’t process your withdrawal.
If you wager on legitimate cricket gambling sites, use bonuses, practice bankroll management, develop a winning strategy, and don’t chase losses you may easily put yourself in the top 10% of cricket gamblers and make cash right now!

Let’s Start Earning Money With Online Cricket Betting!

Cricket is an amazing sport to wager on! There are so many exciting events happening all over the world from South Africa to England to India and even in Australia. There are now loads of top betting sites where you may make hundreds of different wagers on all the top competitions. If you want to win money betting on cricket then all you need to do is follow our advice which includes claiming bonuses, researching your wagers, and developing your own strategy. After reading our in-depth guide you should now consider yourself a cricket gambling expert! It is time to sign up at a betting site, select a match, pick your bet type and start winning big with our useful tips. Good luck!