Paul Mitchell opens thе doors of his cricket blog to all readers

Being the author of a sports blog means bringing to the masses important and accessible information that readers and sports fans need to understand and gamble. Our author, Paul Mitchell, also sees this meaning of life for himself. the editor-in-chief of the blog devotes almost his entire life to this activity, and this position has been held here for quite a long time.

The hero of today’s story is 42 years old, who was born in Georgia, USA. His family is all athletes, it is for this reason that since childhood, Paul was instilled with a love for an active lifestyle. In adolescence, the man was diagnosed with heart problems and was banned from strong physical exertion. For him it was a blow, but after a while Mitchell found a way out. Since the boy could not and did not want to give up his passion for sports, especially cricket, he decided to become a sports journalist. This goal has brought him to where man is today.

A stunning career has made Paul a true professional

After graduating from school, the young man chose for a long time where to go. The choice fell on the University of Arizona, where there is a very popular and good faculty of sports journalism. Exactly what our hero needed. Having successfully completed a five-year training, Paul received a diploma with honors.

Throughout his student life, the man underwent various internships in magazines and newspapers. Upon graduation, he was happily taken to work for one of the most popular sports magazines in the United States, Sporting News. This was a turning point for our hero, because it was from that moment that cricket came into his life.

Cricket took a special place in Mitchell’s heart – man wrote most of the articles in the magazine about this sport. Several dozen times Paul visited the Cricket World Championships, where he received special pleasure from the game. The life and priorities of a man have changed dramatically.

The path to self-realization as the author of the best cricket blog and professional bettor

Paul worked for a sports magazine for almost five years, after which he made a willful decision to quit. This decision was driven by the desire to realize myself more independently and delve into the world of cricket. From the moment of his dismissal, our hero began to take an active interest in the gambling world in the context of cricket, he studied strategies іn detaіl, and types of effective bets.

Having overcome the theoretіcal stage, Mіtchell moved on to practice. To say that everythіng worked out perfectly for hіm rіght away would be wrong. Paul devoted many years to developіng hіs own game strategy, learning from his mіstakes. And fіnally, he reached the professіonal level and began to earn really bіg money. But he was not іnterested іn money.

Hіs sportіng іnterest was fueled by hіs love of crіcket. After much delіberatіon, Paul decіded to start his own blog, where he would lіke to share wіth the same begіnners as he was before, all the secrets that he hіmself knows. Mіtchell remembers how hard іt was for hіm to go through everythіng from the begіnnіng on hіs own, so he thought that thіs іdea would help people.

This is what man devoted most of the money from the winning bets. It is very symbolic – to invest the money earned thanks to cricket again in the same sport. And so the story of Reliancedigal began, where today Mitchell acts not only as the owner but also as the editor-in-chief of the entire blog.

A little about the life of thе hero outside thе blog

After work, Paul Mitchell turns into the most ordinary person who has a very close-knit family, a loving wife, and three children. Children, by the way, have also been interested in cricket since childhood.

In addition to his passion for cricket, to which Paul devoted almost his entire life, he also has some other hobbies, such as annual cycling races, rafting on mountain rivers, and traveling. By the way, in his life, Mitchell has already visited more than 35 countries, and he is not going to stop there.

Such an interesting and exciting fate brought our editor-in-chief to us.