Biography of the life captain of IPL 2023 Mayank Agarwal Punjab Kings team

The future captain was born on February 16, 1991.

Mayank Agarwal is an international cricketer in India. He gained the status of a successful and professional player.
He grew up in a promising family. Father served as the CEO of a medical company, assets are estimated – $ 35 million. Thanks to opportunities, all doors were open for Mayank Agarwal, but he preferred cricket.

The boy was educated at a private school, after was educated at a private university, where he found his calling in cricket. It is worth noting that his future teammates, who are also members of the IPL cricket team, also studied at the same university.

Due to his perseverance at the beginning of the 2008 season at the national tournament, Agarwal showed himself in great shape and attracted the attention of many top coaches.

In 2010, at the Cricket World Cup, he received the status of the best sprinter of the Indian national team. In the local premier league of the state was recognized as the best player of the season.

In 2017, Agarwal made the first triple century of his career. In November, he hit 1,000 runs and was the 2010 Premier League Player of the Year. In 2018, the Punjab Kings bought the golden cricketer at an auction. She showed herself as a weak player in the IPL. But Agarwal was named captain of the PC and he triumphantly led the team to victories.

The formation of family life Mayank Agarwal

In 2018, he connected his life with his current wife Aashita Sood. Until that time, Agarwal took care of his beloved for a long time and sought her hand and heart. Beloved met for a long time since the distant 2011. Agarwal has been preparing for a long time to make a beautiful marriage proposal to his bride in London.

The meeting place and the surprise itself were carefully kept secret. that he had to lie to his fiancée about his whereabouts in order not to spoil the surprise.The main hobby of the athlete is the practice of the meditation technique, which was inspired by his father.

Player activity last season

At a rapid pace in 2021, Mayank Agarwal became the captain of the Punjab Kings. In the same year, he scored 99 points unhindered without losing. With this achievement, the player became the third best batsman in the IPL. Regarding the last season 2021-2022, Myank showed himself not in the best shape, but the best captain. Because raised his team from its knees in just one season and brought it to the top teams. Before the start of the 2023 IPL season, the Punjab Kings spent $1.5 million to sign Mayank Agarwal for next season. Detailed figures are given in the table below.


By season Mat Inns NO Runs HS Avg BF SR 100s 50s 0s 4s 6s
2021\2022 7 13 0 436 150 33.53 851 51.23 1 2 0 66 5

Weaknesses and strengths

Like all players, Mayank has its pros and cons regarding the game. There were moments that he was sent to the bench, although there were no visible reasons for this. The impression was that fate deliberately put spokes in his wheels. But the athlete did not give up and looked for reasons only in himself, constantly training and improving his skills and abilities.

Positive sides

- brilliant batting skills; - managing team captain; - top scorer of the 2017-2018 season; - set a large number of records (jogs, serves).

Disadvantages of the player:

- underestimates his abilities as a player; - unjustified aggression on the field of play; - lack of decisive action during the game!

First steps in an international career

The athlete’s international career began in 2018, the same time he was added to India’s trial squad against Australia. And the first debut was already in December of the same year, where he set a record for the highest result in a test tournament against Australia. In this match, he set a new record of 76 runs that had been unshakable since 1947.

In the same season, Agarwal was included in the list of the most promising cricket players, which consisted of 8 people. In 2019, thanks to Mayank Agarwal, the fame of Punjab Kings quickly spread among connoisseurs of this sport. Noticing a promising player, he was included in the Indian national team.

In the 2019 season, he was added to the Indian national team for the World Cup due to the replacement of a player who was excluded from the tournament due to injury. The path to an international career has not been as smooth, unlike players who have talent since childhood. In difficult times for himself, the athlete always found reasons to keep moving forward.

Now he is in the forefront of popular, successful not only players, but also captains no matter what. In bookmakers, he is often a dark horse, as he is underestimated. But it’s time to understand that Agarwal is a player who deserves attention both in bookmakers and in online betting.

How to bet Mayank Agarwal – PK

After Mayank Agarwal became the captain of the Punjab Kings in 2021, the game on the cricket field has improved several times. Knowing the bad experience of the team, the bookmakers take advantage of this and distribute high odds on the PK.
Most often, bets are placed on certain successful team players, in this case, Mayank Agarwal. When you see a large coefficient, it means that the percentage of winnings is very small, but only those who know how to take risks win.

To make a successful bet, you first need to study the new roster of the 2023 team, and it is good. When betting, the first thing to look out for is the enticing odds. Because the squad is not the best, but due to the new squad in the 2023 season, the results may change, as strong players are involved. It is the analysis of the team that will help you make a winning online bet using trusted bookmakers Parimatch, Betway, Paripesa.



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