Star Trek KL Rahul to team captain LSG

The birth of the future athlete fell on April 18, 1992.

KL Rahul was born in Bangalore city. Grew up and was brought up in an intelligent family. Mother and father held the positions of professors at institutes. Since childhood, Rahul attracted the attention of older guys who played cricket. In India, every young man aspires to play cricket because it is the most promising in terms of career.

In Mangalore, the future captain graduated from high school and a preparatory college. Rahul’s full training in cricket began at the age of 10 years. And a few years later he successfully played for the youth teams of Bangalore. When the athlete reached the age of majority, entered the university in his city.

At the age of 18, Rahul achieved unprecedented success in sports – he represented his country at the World Under-19 Championship. The debut of a young athlete in the IPL took place in 2013. After that, he played in such popular teams. As a result, at the end of 2021, he signed a contract with the new Lucknow Supergiants team, where he immediately took the position of team captain.

Facts from the personal life of KL Rahul

The athlete does not like to disclose information about his personal life and says that now he is completely devoted to cricket. Some facts emerge in the media space. He had many admirers. He is currently dating a Bollywood actress named Attiya Shetty.

The couple announced their official relationship only this year, but in fact they have been together for more than 3 years. Moreover, this year 2022 they plan to officially get married. It is also known that the couple received a blessing from their parents.

Athlete’s results for last season

Last season sportsman showed himself as a very successful player. With his phenomenal results in matches, established himself as a unique player in all formats, and even received a number of awards. The athlete became a favorite among the ipl 2022 players.

At the end of the ipl 2022 season, he suffered a groin injury. Needed urgent surgical intervention. In his interview, the captain of the LSG team said that he was on the mend, but unfortunately it would not be possible to continue the test game.
Below is a table with the phenomenal results of the last season of the captain of the ipl team 2022 LSG.


By season Mat Inns NO Runs HS Avg BF SR 100s 50s 0s 4s 6s
2021 4 8 0 315 129 39.37 735 42.85 1 1 1 39 2
2021\2022 3 6 0 226 123 37.66 545 41.46 1 1 0 34 1

Strengths and weaknesses of the player

During his career, KL Rohul has become a favorite among the top players of ipl 2022. He also excelled as a universal player on the cricket field. With his rapid popularity, became interested in bookmakers, in which they made a huge number of online betting on him and the crew in which he played. Because of his game you can easily predict the outcome.

Player strengths:

  •  one of the best scorers of the ipl;
  •  owns a powerful blow with a bat;
  •  decisiveness on the field of play!

Weaknesses of the player:

  •  thoughtless criticism in a career;
  •  heightened self-esteem!

The player doesn’t have many weak qualities as such. He is like a universal soldier that adapts to all situations.

Achievements in ipl 2022

Rahul made his IPL debut with the 2013 Royal Challengers Bangalore. Showed himself as an excellent player.
In 2014, he was bought out by the Sunrisers squaed and played for 2 years. There he became the top scorer of the entire season, and received the title of the best wicket-keeper.

Was bought out by the popular PC team to live up to the team’s hopes that he scored 50 cm quick points in the first match in the Premier League. In 2019, Rahul was officially announced as the captain of the Punjab Kings for the following season.

In the RCB match, the athlete showed phenomenal results without a single defeat, and also became the number 1 player.
In the 2020 IPL season, Rahul won the orange cap for the most runs in the entire season.

In 2021, the crew led by captain Rahul overtook such top teams as Rajasthan Royals, Mumbai Indians and Royal Challenger Bangalore. In anticipation of the ipl 2022 season, the new Lucknow Supergiants bought KL Rahul for a huge sum.

This fee made him one of the highest paid players in ipl 2022, on par with the legendary Virat Kohli. In April 2022, in the status of captain of the new squad, in the first match, the Mumbai Indians crew was smashed by a huge margin.


Batting Career Summary
M Inn NO Runns HS Avg
Test 43 74 2 2547 199 35.38
IPL 109 100 19 3889 132 48.01

How to bet KL Rahul – LCG

Such a candidate as KL Rahul is very interested in online betting bookmakers. Thanks to his illustrious name, he is the number one candidate in cricket betting. The betters themselves also show great interest in the new team.

Since the sponsors, when creating the squad, said that they were not going to spare money and would make out of elite athletes. Since the future roster plans to be with elite players, betting on the LSG team will most likely be in the black.

There are times when the bet does not always come in, then there are special promotions in the online casino – a refund from a loss on a day off, provided that you make another bet.

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