Sangju Samson is a shining example of streak success at Rajasthan Royals

The athlete’s birthday falls on November 11, 1994 in a family where his father was a policeman and his mother was a housewife.

The love for sports was instilled in the boy from childhood, since before his father became a policeman, he was a football player. Sangju’s older brother also represented the crew on the local cricket team.

In high school, the future team captain had already trained hard in this direction. After hard training and diligence, he never got into the youth cricket crew in the city of Delhi. After this incident, his father resigned from the Delhi City Police.

Seeing the desire and potential for cricket in their son, the family moved to the city of Kerala. Since then, Sanju Samon and his brother started their sports career of cricket. At the age of 13, Samson Sanju was already in the Kerala cricket team. All of his success led him to the India under-19 team, which played in the Asian Cup.

Having shown himself not from the best side, he never got to the World Cup as part of this crew. But do not despair in 2013, Sanju Samson was appointed vice-captain of the Indian team for the tournament in Australia.

Sangju Samson got into the lists of top players of cricket, which attracted the attention of even more fans and those who want to make online bets in bookmakers. Online betting is quite popular amid fans, as well as the athletes themselves.

Personal life and interests of the player

Sangju Samseong is married to his student love Charulata Remesh. The wedding ceremony took place in 2017, to which only VIP guests were invited. One of them was the first coach of the athlete Rahul Dravid. Despite his achievements, the athlete does not forget about his crew of the state of Kerala and to this day takes part in matches.

In accession to being a top player, the athlete is the founder of the cricket and football sports academy. It is also worth mentioning that the athlete is an honorary citizen of his region. The history of life and sports career is quite fascinating and extraordinary as he himself, and this is just the beginning, more to come. We follow and observe, and what is even better, we make online bets.

Sangju Samson results from last season of cricket

Last season, Sanju became not only the best striker in the Rajasthan Royals of all time, but also the youngest team captain in the IPL. At such a young age, he showed himself as a professional player.

Last season, he certainly demonstrated his power and leadership worthy of playing in the ipl. Under the tactful, albeit young, leadership of the new captain, the team reached the finals of the IPL 2022. Based on this, it is clear that Sanju Samson was noted for his amazing activity last season. Analyzing the statistics of past seasons, the athlete is only gaining momentum in his sports career.

By season Mat Inns NO Runs HS Avg BF SR 100s 50s 0s 4s 6s
2021 1 1 0 46 46 46.00 46 100 0 0 0 5 1
2022 3 3 1 72 54 36.00 76 94.74 0 1 0 3 4

Weaknesses and strengths of the athlete

The temperamental nature of the athlete sometimes played a very cruel joke on him. The Kerala Cricket Association has repeatedly made remarks to Sanju Samson about emotionally unstable behavior on the field, for example:

  •  insults towards the enemy;
  •  clear aggression on the field during the game;
  •  not restrained disputes with the judge;
  •  unsportsmanlike behavior on the field!

A vivid, confirming example of this is the removal of Sanju from the post of captain in 2016. His playing technique is the envy of any experienced cricketer. All actions of Sangju Samseong were criticized due to envy, because he had huge advantages of playing the game as:

  •  unpredictable actions on the field of play (can adapt to any situation on the field);
  •  flexibility and versatility during the game (plays from any position on the field);
  •  top striker!

Even the visible positive qualities of Sanju Samson are regarded as criticism, but a person who has watched his game at least once in his life understands that this is just envy. In fact, he is a versatile, unique player who achieved success at such an early age.

Sanju Samson in the IPL 2022 Rajasthan Royals squad

The first game for the Rajasthan Royals team, which is included in the IPL 2022, took place in 2013. He was literally lucky because this crew was looking for a replacement for a player who was injured and could not return to the field. The beginning of a career in RR led to unheard of victories. For the 2013 season, in addition to leading the team to victory, Sanju received a lot of personal awards. One of them is “the best young player of the season in the IPL”. The manager of the RR team extended his contract with him for the next season, but in 2016 the team was suspended from participating in the IPL.

How to bet Saju Samson – Rajasthan Royals

This season, the Rojasthan Royal team lost to newcomers in the IPL Gujarat Titans, which was an unexpected turn not only for fans, but also for bookmakers and bettors. It can be assumed that the people who bet on GT robbed the bookmakers.

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