Hardik Pandya path to glory as part of the Gujarat Titans team

The athlete was born on October 11, 1993.

Hardik Pandya is a top Indian cricketer on the international court. An all-around player with a right-handed punch. Achieved recognition and fame in India and the world. Compatriots praise the games of an athlete, envying his skills. His father was an influential person.

Himanshu had his own business in the automotive industry. When Hardik Pandya was 5 years old, the family found financial difficulties. They had to close the business and move to another city. Himanshu’s father enrolled sons in the cricket academy. Financial difficulties did not frighten the brothers and continued to attend training at the cricket club.

Hardik Pandya graduated from high school, in order to focus his attention on cricket. It was more important than basic education. With all his success in the cricket academy, where he won many matches on his own, the club expelled Hardik from the youth team. He argued with the coach, did not take criticism in his address.

These disagreements led to unethical behavior of the young man. Hardik began sports career as part of the Baroda squad. It was he who played an important role in this team helping to win the 2013-2014 season. Became the first Indian to score 36 points in T20L in a single tournament. There his path to fame began, where he attracted the attention of his future investors.

All about Hardik Pandya’s personal life

In 2020, the star of cricket married Serbian dancer Natasha Stankevich. The wedding of the little ones was modest to the restrictions imposed by Covid-19.

In the same year, in the month of July, the couple had their first child, a boy named Agastya. The athlete, as well as his wife, lead an active life in social networks, where they post various events from their lives, making a sensation.
The athlete’s family comes first.

In an interview, he said: “Natasha is my support and strength.” So after an injury during another training session, his wife and brother played an important role in the recovery of Hardik and gave him all the necessary confidence in his future career.

The results of the last season of the athlete

Last season, Hardik showed underwhelming results for the IPL team until the death of his father. Emotional breakdown played a cruel joke – sportsman was unable to handle the ball and subsequently dropped out of the games, and they were eliminated from the IPL lists at the World Cup, losing to their most avid opponent Pakistan by 10 wickets.

The table below shows the statistics of the athlete’s activity in recent seasons:


Year Mat Inn NO Runs HS Avg SR 100s 50s 4s 6s CT ST
2020 14 13 5 281 60 35.12 178.98 0 1 14 25 6 0
2021 12 11 2 127 40 14.11 113.39 0 0 11 5 4 0
2022 15 15 4 487 87 44.27 131.27 0 4 49 12 4

IPL Career Player Achievements

Hardik Pandya’s IPL appearances began with the Mumbai Indians. In this team, a sportsman spent 6 years. Result – to win the match for his country, where he became the best player of the IPL season. At the end of IPL 2021, the Mumbai Indians put the player up for auction.

Gujarat Titans analyzed the player and bought him for the captaincy. New Gujarat Titans t as a tidbit, with great hopes for him. They needed a leader who would lead and bring newcomers to the forefront of popularity in the new season of IPL 2022. In their decisive choice, the Gujarat Titans team was not mistaken. Immediately, Pandya became the captain of the squad.

The team, captained by Hardik Pandya, started the season with excellent results, which no one expected. Outcome – the rookie led the squad to their first ever winning debut at IPL 2022. They beat top teams in the IPL like Challenger Bangalore and the Rajasthan Royals.

They ended up winning the 2022 IPL title in their first season and Pandya made his captaincy debut immediately with a winning record. All online betting statistics have collapsed because few people believed in the squad and its captain the Gujarat Titans. Imagine what the odds were for the team to win. Betters who bet on Gujarat Titans hit a nice jackpot. Competitors and the best cricket batsmen praise the athlete’s game and at the same time envy his skills.


Career statistics
Competition Test ODI T20l
Matches 11 62 49
Runs 532 1,267 484
BA 31.29 33.34 19.36
100s|50s 1|4 0|7 0|1
Top score 108 92 51

How to bet Hardik Pandya – GT

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