Rishab Pant asserted himself at Delhi Capitals

Our hero was born in 1997 in a town in northern India.

If a person has ever been interested in Indian cricket, he has definitely met the name Rishab Pant. This player has been represented in the Indian Premier League since 2016, and from the beginning, his career rapidly went up, despite his young age as well as lack of experience in participating in events of this level.

The Delhi Capitals team in 2017 was honored to receive the best captain of all – Pant. His candidacy was first to be considered in the matter of this vacant position of captain and was adopted almost unanimously. Rishab Pant stats with his professional qualities greatly influenced expert’s choice, as this squad captain must be a professional in his field.

In the 2021 season he performed with special professionalism and perseverance. In this way, he proved that it was not in vain that he was chosen as the captain of the team. For such a good game along with the leadership of this squad, Rishab was honored to be captain for the second season in a row – it was decided to make him a retained player for season of 2022 year.

Rishab Pant IPL the birth and formation of a star

He traveled to Delhi frequently in his childhood. It was there that Rishab first went to cricket training and met his first coach, who taught him everything. A few years later he was already playing in the Delhi junior cricket team, where he was noticed by IPL sponsors along with head coaches of squads for his professional skills and excellent performance on a playing field.

He was vice-captain of U-19 squad during 2016 season. In 2017, he managed to make a T20I debut, and in 2018 an ODI debut.

In 2021, the DC team made a great decision to appoint Pant as their captain for the IPL 2021, and in 2022, he was a retained player for a new season to demonstrate future Pant IPL 2022 runs. Pant’s personality deserves some attention from experts, rivals, fans, as it is rare to find a player who shows his professional abilities so well in IPL seasons.

Nothing says better about Rishab than his personal life

Unfortunately, the status of Rishab Pant wife has not yet been occupied by anyone. But this does not mean that the heart of our hero is free. Our hero has a wonderful gf – Isha Negi. It would seem that what could be more beautiful than having a good girlfriend, wonderful parents, and a favorite job? But one scandal still might not leave an athlete’s life.

It’s been more than two years since Urvashi Rautela and Rishab Pant broke up, but fans still can’t let the couple out of their sight with gossip. Rumor has it that Pant cheated on his chosen one. Fans do not understand how so quickly after such a painful breakup, our hero was able to quickly start another relationship with designer Isha Negi.

We will not undertake to judge the athlete. If a personal life of a cricketer begins to improve quickly, then UIrvashi is still suffering from the ridicule of ill-wishers who will not miss an opportunity to remember this conflict.

The 2022 IPL season has been very productive for Rishab

As we have already said, for this season this athlete was a retained player after a good performance in the 2021 IPL. The athlete managed to properly coordinate his squad for many winning positions. On his account there are hundreds of counterattacks with dozens of brilliant attacks.

The 2022 Indian Premier League season gave this athlete a great opportunity to be named one of the best players and be nominated for the Men’s T20 World Championship. Our hero was appointed vice-captain of the Indian cricket team for a special series of games that took place in South Africa.

As for his statistics, not every athlete might boast of such a number of successfully played matches.


Type of competition Total matches/wins/losses
ODI 27/12/7
T20I 52/29/19
Overall International 110/63/21
IPL 98/57/31

Advantages and disadvantages of Rishab in IPL seasons

In the course of his performances in the history of the IPL, this athlete developed his own strengths along with weaknesses. Rishab’s advantages include his strength, which he may apply due to the peculiar structure of his body with his height, which allows him to swing down. Pant learned to easily calculate the line length of a throw based only on the appearance of the opponent’s hand.

Although there are no weaknesses, in case of this athlete, this concerns the abuse of the body structure, due to which he might sometimes lose balance. This has a detrimental effect on his performance in IPL matches. That’s why Rishab Pant has been fined more than once.

Pant today’s performance caused good betting online

The Delhi Capitals squad is lucky to have a player like him in their roster. Rishab’s skills with experience in cricket create an excellent opportunity for betting fans to hit a jackpot on betting. Pant’s latest news demonstrates a special technique of an athlete, analyzing which you can evaluate some winning bets of bookmakers without any problems. Before placing a bet on our sportsman, it is necessary to evaluate the availability of reputable bookmakers on the sites and choose the most suitable ones for us.

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Choosing the right bookmaker is already more than half the success in betting. Always keep in mind, no matter how much a bettor like any athlete, he needs to soberly analyze his recent performances, his condition to be aware of how he may perform in the future as well as how this might affect the bid.


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