How does Vbet stand out in cricket betting from its competitors? Each player wondered at least once the question of which bookmaker to choose in order for his cricket wages to be successful. Vbet – this name has been on everyone’s lips for a long time, and it is difficult to find a person who has not heard of such a bookmaker. Today we offer you to figure out what it is special and what it could offer you so that you are satisfied as its customers.

What is Vbet bookmaker company itself

The very history of the development of the Vbet bookmaker began back in 2003, when it was founded in Armenia. For 18 years of our activity, we can say that Vbet bookmaker has become a real giant of the gambling business. Today Vbet is represented in more than 125 countries and is licensed by the jurisdiction of Curacao, as well as Malta, Sweden, Ukraine and the UK, which speaks of a high rating and gives Vbet bookmaker the status of one of the most reliable resources for sports betting in general, and cricket especially.

Vbet has a wide range of offers for every taste

As far as the varieties of cricket betting are concerned, the bookmaker cannot brag about their offerings too much. There are four main types of bets on different cricket matches: this is a bid on the outcome (single), a system bet, the possibilities of different express bets, and a chain bet.
On the outcome – the most common bid on the outcome of the match.
Multi bids – Vbet is also a very popular type of betting, which means combining several wages into one coupon. What is attractive about this type is that the coefficients for each bid are multiplied among themselves and the final rather big coefficient is obtained.
System bid – this type is not so simple, and here the sum of all express wages is always taken into account, but as you could understand, the odds here will be exorbitant.
Chain is another type of complex wage where a certain part of the victory in the first cricket meeting automatically becomes the second bid, and so on along the chain until the end of the events in the coupon.
The bookmaker also provides its clients with work in live mode, where you can practically and always find several profitable options for various large and ordinary events. The number of lives for top cricket meetings is in the range of 30-40, and for ordinary or exotic events – in the range of 5-7.

Positive and negative aspects of the bookmaker

As with any business and any bookmaker, Vbet has its advantages and disadvantages. Why you need to know all this – in order to take into account the strengths and weaknesses of the bookmaker when making a bet and to know which segment could be used to the fullest, and which one should be abandoned. We suggest starting with a positive.
Experts and players highlight the following among the most important advantages of the Vbet gambling bookmaker:

  • Modern design of the bookmaker trend, which fits perfectly into the modern picture of the gambling market.
  • Variety of cricket event lines and bets on them.
  • Very simple registration on the site and user-friendly interface.
  • A wide range of options for replenishing and withdrawing funds from a gaming account.

The presence of online broadcasts of cricket events, which allows clients to follow the course of events on the field in real time and quickly analyze. And also the site contains a section with statistical data that changes in real time.
Availability of convenient mobile applications for different operating systems, where you could easily and conveniently place wages wherever it is convenient for you.
As for the negative sides, there are much fewer of them, but they are still there and you should also pay attention to them. Let’s highlight the following disadvantages:
There are comparatively limited types of bets and events on cricket compared to Vbet’s competitors.
High margins and not always favorable odds for regular sporting events.
But all the negative sides are covered by the advantages of the bookmakers. In addition, in 2022, Vbet made a statement that big changes are coming – perhaps all the shortcomings will be eliminated.

Frequently asked questions about Vbet

How to quickly and easily place a cricket bid?
Answering this question, the main thing is to be registered. For users who have an account, it is very easy to place a bet on cricket – first you need to select the desired event, decide on the mode of operation – pre-match or live, view the odds, and if everything suits you, you can place a bet.

What bonus offers does Vbet have?
Bonus programs are presented for both new users and old customers. For beginners, there is always a welcome bonus of 100% on the first deposit, which must be up to 100 euros, or in an equivalent amount in another currency. For regular customers, Vbet provides many bonuses for individual events of tournaments and championships, and usually they are one-time.

How easy is it to withdraw money from my account for my cricket winnings?
Such a transaction is carried out through the user’s personal account, usually in the same way as the replenishment of the game bank was carried out. Vbet supports most bank cards, payment systems and virtual wallets, so this process will not be difficult.

Vbet is a good solution for online cricket betting

As we could see from the above information, Vbet is a very reputable and popular cricket bookmaker. He offers a huge number of chips to his clients, is ready to support them around the clock and to help them in the process of making various bets.