Cricket is often considered one of the most difficult sports, as it is rich in different rules to understand. Moreover, these rules also change depending on the time and place of the sporting meeting. Therefore, you need to make smart cricket bids online. The opportunity to win a rather large amount of money still remains, despite the difficulties, which means that a large number of gamblers are increasingly trying to deal with the rules of cricket. But what if we tell you that you can make it easier for yourself and not take everything upon yourself, but simply trust a trusted and reputable bookmaker and just enjoy the process?

Bet online and win easily on cricket

Cricket is a sports discipline that can be played in several formats at once. That is why the player must take into account all the moments and peculiarities, since without this he would not be able to make a correct prediction for the outcome of the match. Athletes from India can serve as a striking example of the ambiguity of this sport, who very often become outsiders if they play at a party in distant countries, since due to a change in geographical position, the ball bounces comparatively lower. The climate also varies from place to place, and from this point of view, Austrian athletes are considered versatile, as they were able to adapt.
It is also worth noting that cricket is considered the number one sporting discipline in the world in terms of the number of matches by agreement. This factor greatly influences the result of matches and, in the future, the result of bids. As you may have noticed, plunging into the world of cricket, it is impossible to just read two articles on the Internet and be prepared for anything. This process is quite laborious. What could be done to make life easier?

Bookmakers help bettors to cope with difficulties

Bookmakers exist for a reason. From the very beginning, they served as assistants to the players, offering them ready-made lists with positions, quotes and coefficients, where the whole process of assessing and predicting the possible outcome of the meeting was expressed. Yes, they also take their own fee for this: sometimes the wages do not enter, sometimes there is a need to make a minimum deposit or replenish the account for a certain amount. But all this has been done with the aim that the company could develop and help people further cope with complex analyzes and overwhelming amounts of information.
The main difficulty at this stage is the question – what to do in order to choose the right ally in the person of the bookmaker and not be mistaken? Just think – on the Internet, what could be easier? After all, it is there that a lot of information is presented about the companies themselves, their features, ratings and reviews about them. But in fact, in more than half of the cases, the information either does not correspond to reality, or is outdated for a long time – this often concerns statistical information. It is important to learn to distinguish between true data and falsehood, and this would take you a certain amount of time. But we hasten to please you: you will spend this time usefully and once to choose a bookmaker for yourself, but all your subsequent actions in the online betting segment will be facilitated by outside help.

Top bookmakers of 2021

As in any business, there are rating lists in the online betting industry, where you can easily find the desired bookmaker and compare its position with other companies. Most often, the places of the winners are occupied by practically the same offices, since every year they try to maintain their positions and, moreover, to strengthen them. What could be said about 2021 and its winners. Since we are talking about online cricket gambling, it would be fair to consider the rating of companies in the context of their activity in this sport. In this context, this year, there was no doubt who would be given first places. And we will talk about the top 7 best.

  1. Royal Panda
  2. Parimatch
  3. Bet365
  4. Betfair
  5. PureWin
  6. Vbet

At first glance, they may appear the same and be no different. However, we are here with you in order to find out what differences these companies have among themselves and what comparative advantages they own, and what would be worthy to choose them.

Review of the bookmaker Royal Panda

Royal Panda appeared as a bookmaker in 2017, when it was merged with BetConstruct and began to pay a lot of attention to the sports online betting segment. At the same time, the development of the cricket list line began, and special attention was paid to it. In the same year, an official international license was obtained from the Malta Gaming Authority.
As for the Royal Panda gambling line, this office boasts a wide and extensive offer on almost all sports, the total number of which is approaching 50. As we already said, special attention is paid to cricket, wages on which cover not only the main tournaments and championships but about base matches and regular encounters.
A distinctive feature of Royal Panda is their live betting segment, which every year attracts more and more players who are satisfied with this level of service development. Cricket matches are widely represented in this company in live mode. What is even more revealing is the list in live, which even surpasses the pre-match cricket list in Royal Panda when viewed in quantitative terms.
Unfortunately, Royal Panda cannot boast of cricket odds indicators as well when comparing this moment with other offices. Almost more than half of the coefficients are equal to the number 1.85, which is the average level for such an indicator.
Generally speaking, about such a bookmaker as Royal Panda, we could clearly deduce its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the positive:

Royal Panda is a fairly well-known brand in the gambling world and has a good rating.

His list of online bets covers a large number of events in various sports, and special attention is paid to cricket.

Live mode is the highlight and the most developed industry in this company.

  • There is a practice of various bonus and incentive programs for clients.
  • The ability to quickly withdraw funds.
  • But, we must not forget about the shortcomings in order to sensibly assess the situation. As for the negative, it is worth noting the following:
  • The activity in the online betting areas began to develop only in 2017, so this company can be called a young one.
  • The presence of average indicators of the sizes of coefficients.
  • The presence of maximum limits for players who consistently win large amounts.

Is Parimatch good for online cricket betting?

Parimatch is an international well-known bookmaker holding that provides its services both offline and online. The first rate was accepted back in 2000, when the official website of Parimatch was launched, shortly after the company received an international operating license. Parimatch is a huge and well-known office in the European and Asian markets.
Let’s talk a little about statistics and gambling directly on cricket – online bets are officially accepted in various currencies, from the US dollar to even cryptocurrency. For cricket bids there is also a minimum wage size – 1 dollar or euro, or the amount in the equivalent translation of one unit of dollar or euro into another available currency.
Speaking about the rating on the international arena of Parimatch, here is an amazing indicator of 4.92 out of 5. High marks are gained in various categories, and especially in such criteria as:

  • Reliability – legal work in accordance with licenses.
  • Cricket odds are above average compared to popular bookmakers.
  • The possibility of withdrawing money for cricket – the platform supports various payment instruments, which means that in case of a successful online cricket wage, the withdrawal of funds can be carried out very quickly.

Another important point will be to mention the negative aspects of Parimatch in terms of cricket gambling. It should be noted the relatively low odds that the company offers for secondary sports cricket meetings and the low level of detail in the list of online bets for the same events. And one of the most significant shortcomings is considered to be the average quality of cricket sports broadcasts, and sometimes even the lack of viewing the event in full screen mode, which complicates the work in live mode.

What can Bet365 offer its customers in online cricket betting?

The bookmaker Bet365 is rightfully called one of the leading in the UK and in the European market in general. This fact has contributed to the fact that every month hundreds of thousands of players choose this office for online cricket gambling, as this is given special attention on the platform. We suggest that you immediately understand the positive and negative aspects. What good could you say?
Bet365 has a huge selection of cricket content – you will find a online bet and conditions for everyone with different desires and requirements.
The presence of high-quality online broadcasts of cricket matches – this feature is available in full screen mode both for laptops and for expanding on phone devices.
Simple navigation on the site – this allows you to easily find the desired cricket event, select a suitable bet for it and see the possible odds and winnings.
A good rating of the office – Bet365 has a lot of lively positive reviews from clients, and this sometimes even says more than the international rating.
Of course, some controversial issues should not be overlooked, which may slightly hinder your activity. The players most often complained about such moments lately:
Not a very large selection of different cricket online bets – limited mainly by major tournaments and events.
A rare opportunity to take advantage of bonus programs and offers – the bookmaker does not consider it very important to attract customers in this way.
Despite the negative aspects, Bet365 has a lot of special features available to all players. This includes the well-known CashOut feature, which allows you to withdraw money from your account ahead of schedule before the end of the event on which you wager. There is even cashback for some limited amounts.

​​Betfair is considered the leading office in the world – is it?

Betfair is today considered one of the providers of gambling services in the international arena. The company was founded in 2000 and immediately burst into the world of gambling. Betfair was one of the first to let you set your own cricket odds. From the very beginning, Betfair has won the hearts of many players with its exclusive offers.
Betfair has a very clear and concise cricket gambling policy and carefully follows all terms and conditions. The company’s policy document contains a huge number of exceptions and rules related to online cricket gambling, which should be taken into account when evaluating a bookmaker. For example, if a match is canceled before the start of the first second of the meeting, the bookmaker will cancel all payouts.
All results in the company are always calculated based on the official result of the tournament, which could also be found on the official website of the International Cricket Council. If the match result has not been published, Betfair will show the winnings based on
As for the comparative advantages, they can be called bonus and promotional offers of the bookmaker for new and old customers. Quite often, players on a bonus account are given financial resources that could be spent on a cricket online bet. However, there are a number of peculiarities: when calculating wages on such special offers, the gate is not considered to be occupied if the batsman is out of the game. If any player who has placed online bets through the bonus programs does not enter the field, such a special bid will be canceled. All of this must be considered when using bonus money for online cricket gambling. And one more thing with Betfair is that the maximum payout on online bets based on bonus offer funds cannot exceed $50,000.

How is Vbet different in online cricket betting among its competitors?

Vbet is a bookmaker’s office, which was established in 2003 in the vastness of Armenia and Georgia, and immediately focused its activities on the CIS countries and the European market. The office holds an international license from the Malta Gaming Commission.
We invite you to understand in detail what types of bets Vbet can offer for the cricket segment:
On the outcome – the most common bid on the outcome of the match.
Multi bids – Vbet is also a very popular type of gambling, which means combining several wages into one coupon. What is attractive about this type is that the coefficients for each bet are multiplied among themselves and the final rather big coefficient is obtained.
System online bet – this type is not so simple, and here the sum of all express wages is always taken into account, but as you could understand, the odds here will be exorbitant.
Chain is another type of complex wage where a certain part of the victory in the first sporting meeting automatically becomes the second bid, and so on along the chain until the end of the events in the coupon.
We also offer you to go deeper and see the strengths and weaknesses of this bookmaker. Where to start positively? In Vbet, cricket has a fairly wide line not only for top tournaments and championships, but also for ordinary sports meetings and matches. Vbet also offers good odds on major cricket events. With this company, you do not need to pay tax fees yourself. In addition, the office often offers many additional bonus program options for cricket players.
As for the negative aspects – in some countries Vbet is still not legalized and is considered illegal, which means that working with it may entail corresponding consequences. And also very often Vbet is rated so that it is not suitable for gamblers who like to bet online on statistics.
In turn, the Vbet bookmaker almost always offers its clients solid quotes and odds, usually for large meetings. With a decrease in the level and rating of a sporting event, the margin starts to increase slightly. In cricket, this is not critical and not very noticeable.

What can surprise the Paripesa bookmaker?

Paripesa is a very young company, it was founded in 2021. But despite such a young age, she has already managed to establish herself well in the betting market and win the hearts of many clients. The company itself is generally focused on people from the CIS countries. The portal is presented in 45 languages, including Russian. As for activity, users over 18 years old from all countries where betting and gambling are not prohibited by law would create an account here. The company has an international license from Curacao. It is worth noting that the minimum cricket bet is indicated at 10 rubles, or the equivalent value of this amount in another currency. The maximum bet depends on the popularity of the cricket match and on the value of the odds. In general, this bookmaker offers high odds and low margins.
Why choose Paripesa? Apart from attractive quotes and low margins, Paripesa did not set limits on transactions per day and week. Also, the bookmaker is in great demand due to the wide variety of bets on live mode and pre-match events.
We must not forget about the bonus programs of Paripesa. For new users, we have prepared a free bet of up to 100 euros, and already experienced customers often receive a large cashback and percentage markups to their coupons for express trains and consolation prizes in case of a loss.

Eyes scatter – what to choose?

Here we are with you and got acquainted with the seven good and popular bookmaker offices today. We looked at who works where, who is what, what bonuses you would get in each of them. Now it’s up to you – you can easily conduct an analysis based on the above information to choose the most suitable option for you, so that, whether it is the first or the millionth cricket bet, you feel protected and comfortable during active cricket betting.