Any person who begins to take an interest in cricket betting will immediately find out that in order to make money successfully on wagers, it is necessary first of all to find a bookmaker with a long history, who can be trusted. Long-term companies are more reliable because they have experience, professionalism, and crowds of satisfied clients behind them.

Parimatch on the International Betting Market

Parimatch has proven its competitive edge for over 20 years. Let’s find out more about this company and what makes it so appealing for placing cricket bets online.

Ukraine has always been a country of talented and enterprising people. It was in Ukraine in 1994 where the triumphant history of the Parimatch company began. The main activity of the company is aimed at Europe and the CIS countries. This factor allows us to place successful cricket wagers online from almost anywhere. Many British and European companies are unable to operate in Russia and other Eastern European countries. The same cannot be said about this bookmaker.
This bookmaker has more than 400 offices in the CIS countries and is completely legal in Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Cyprus, and even Tanzania. This bookmaker is one of the companies of the Unified Gambling Regulator, which makes its activities completely legal. If you are worried about the honesty of the bookmaker and the safety of your funds, then it is such a company as Parimatch that deserves trust. You are able to bet on cricket online without the worry that you will be cheated.
In 2021, the company received awards in the following nominations: “Socially Responsible Bookmaker”, “Best Advertising Campaign of the Year”, “Best Top Manager”. Such high recognition is the best proof of good faith and responsibility for those who aspire to make cricket wagers using Parimatch website online.

Sports Betting

Parimatch provides many options on its website. You can try your luck at slot machines or the poker table. But the main focus of the activity is precisely sports betting.
Cricket is not a popular game in Ukraine, but bets on it, in turn, are quite common among Parimatch clients. In this regard, the company offers a wide variety of different bets on cricket online. You can place your first cricket wager on the Parimatch website in just a couple of minutes by registering. Odds and welcome bonuses will surprise every newcomer to the world of online cricket betting.

Website and Application

Not every bookmaker that operates with the cricket bets online market can boast of such a stylish and multifunctional site as Parimatch.
The interface is made in black and yellow colors – the company’s corporate colors, which symbolize power and energy.
This modern site contains a wealth of sports analytics statistics to help you stay up-to-date and make successful and profitable cricket wagers. Along with this, on the site, you can watch the sporting events of the world of cricket in LIVE mode, which allows us to make online bets without stopping from watching.
Parimatch also offers its users to use their convenient mobile application, designed for bet lovers who are in constant motion, but who do not want to part with the exciting world of betting for a second.
On the site, we can find plenty of positive reviews from grateful clients, which testifies to the good work of the team and high-quality customer support.

Advertising Company

Creative and successful advertising is one of the company’s hallmarks. Their videos always catch the viewer and attract many newcomers to online betting sports, including our favorite cricket.
A lot of vivid videos, sponsoring sporting events, and helping in organizing events are not all that this bookmaker can boast of. In 2020, Parimatch won the Ambassador of the Year award by recruiting world-class UFC star Connor McGregor for advertising. Agree, it is not so easy to attract a star of this level to cooperate. This testifies to the confident position of the company and its impeccable reputation.
Otherwise, such a famous and respected person as Connor McGregor would not cooperate with a company that cannot be trusted. Along with Connor, famous boxer, Mike Tyson participated in the advertising campaign for Parimatch. This stellar line-up ensures that our online cricket wagers are well protected and that we can relax and enjoy the game.

A Bookmaker You Can Trust

The fact that a bookmaker from Ukraine was able to withstand the competitive environment of the world’s betting online giants and was able to win the sympathy of millions of people in the CIS and Europe indicates that this company values ​​its reputation and is a reliable bookmaker for making successful online cricket bets.
Based on the above, we can list the main advantages of Parimatch:

  • More than 20 years of history
  • Reliable deposit and withdrawal of funds
  • Modern website and user-friendly application
  • Full legality and openness
  • Leading position in the CIS and European markets
  • Creative advertising
  • Generous welcome bonuses
  • Favorable odds
  • Quality customer service

Modern technologies

Quality and energy combined with experience and professionalism harmoniously intertwine and form the basis for the success of the Parimatch. We can safely recommend this bookmaker as one of the most promising and reliable for you to place successful cricket bets online.
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