Many seasoned cricket bettors, along with newbies, tend to view cricket as an old-fashioned and conservative sport. The basic rules of cricket were formulated back in the 16th century and were modified mainly until the end of the 19th century. At the moment, the basic formats of matches, regulations, and rules have already been established.
This state of affairs can seem boring and depressing for newcomers to the world of betting and may scare them away from getting involved in the wonderful world of cricket. What if we told you that cricket is actually one of the most high-tech and emerging sports at the moment presented in online betting?
We are confident that many young people who are passionate about modern technologies and artificial intelligence will more willingly take part in the world of cricket betting if they find out that cricket is the leader in the number of high-tech equipment and all kinds of devices used. We will tell you what innovations help advance cricket and take it to a whole new level.

Inspirational Story

First, we want to introduce you to Anil Kumble and his brainchild “Spektakom”. This information, we are sure will change your idea of ​​modern cricket and make you feel modern when placing cricket bets.
Anil Kumble is a true veteran of the cricket game. Anil was born in Bangalore, India in 1970. As you know, cricket is a very popular sport in India, competing with football. The cricket craze was not spared either by Anil. He became interested in cricket at an early age, constantly watching local teams and playing with his friends on the street. Already in 1989, Anil made his debut in the world of sports.
At the age of 19, Anil made his debut in a First-class match, also known as a Test match. He immediately showed himself as a strong-willed and hardy player. Anil’s main role on the pitch was a bowler. He has participated in over 132 Test matches representing Team India. Often it was he who brought the team the coveted victory with his strong and irresistible serves. In the early 1990s, he became a regular on the ODI team, with an incredible record of six wickets in 12 runs against West India.
In 1996, Anil was selected to compete in the World Cup and also became the highest-scoring player with an average of 18.73 wickets per game.
This phenomenal player continued his successful career for 18 years until 2008. After leaving the field, Anil did not sit still and could not imagine his life without cricket. In 2012, he took over as chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC). At the same time, Anil Kumble began his coaching career.
He has successfully coached the Indian Premier League teams, the Indian National Cricket Team, the Mumbai Indians, and the Royal Challengers Bangalore. His participation in the preparation of these teams brought the players to a new level and allowed them to successfully compete in international competitions. For his achievements in the world of cricket, Anil was inducted into the ICC Hall of Fame.
Anil is currently the current head coach and director of the Punjab Kings team. So, if you have the opportunity to place a bet on this team, know that most likely such a bet will be successful because an experienced and highly qualified coach leads it to victory.
On this, Anil could end his career and remain in the memory of cricket fans as a legend of the cricket world. But he did not stop there, being an example of perseverance and determination.
Anil Kumble was one of the first to apply the scientific approach and modern technologies in the methods of training and analyzing the success of players. He has done colossal research using artificial intelligence and developed his own technology to track player stats.
In 2017, Kumble introduced its sensor technology, which was mounted on a player’s bit, which was developed in cooperation with Intel. Anil made the first prototype back in 1996 and used such sensors to collect information about the players of his team, which allowed him to effectively train athletes and help India to become one of the leading positions in the world of cricket. This event is the starting point of Spektakom, the largest high-tech company in the collection and processing of information by artificial intelligence on the characteristics of cricketers. This information can assist us in selecting successful cricket bets. Let’s find out in more detail about his company and what research it conducts.

Spektakom and Innovations

In 2017, the company “Spektakom” released a high-tech gadget called “Power Bat”, which made it possible to receive information on the following characteristics in real-time:

  • Ball speed
  • Quality of the executed throw
  • The trajectory of the ball after being hit by the bat
  • Throwing force

A little later, the technology was refined and the company led by Anil released a sticker with an IoT sensor, which weighed only 5 grams and was the size of a small credit card. Such a device was attached to the player’s bat and transmitted all the above characteristics simultaneously to the screen of coaches, spectators, and a special application.
Agree, these parameters would be very useful to us in order to make the most successful cricket bet. Anyone can familiarize themselves with this technology on the website and study the information processed by artificial intelligence. As we can see, new technologies change not only the world of the Internet but also the world of sports and provide us with new opportunities in the world of online betting.

How Does It Work?

The sensor sticker is located on the back of the bat near where the sponsor’s logo is usually applied. The uniqueness of the sensor lies in the fact that it is suitable for any type of bit. It collects the necessary information and processes it using artificial intelligence, which is one of the most advanced developments of our time. You need to charge such a sticker within 90 minutes. So the phrase “put your bat on charge” may become commonplace in the near future.
The data that this gadget gets is collected in the cloud, where it is analyzed by Artificial Intelligence and you have the opportunity to view prediction tables and graphs right during the game. Yes, you heard right – this system analyzes the data and makes its own predictions, which undoubtedly plays into the hands of those who like to place bets online in the LIVE format.
Unexpected problems were the roughness of the playground and the data transfer rate. It is difficult for the system to take into account the irregularities that constantly appear on the field during the match. In addition, there was no wireless communication system at the sites, which made it difficult to transfer information and make online bets.

The solution was proposed by Microsoft, which became interested in Anil’s development and is currently a technology partner of Spektakom. Microsoft suggested using the Stump Box – a device that fits into the ground under the wicket and has built-in BlueTooth, which makes it possible to transmit data on the force, trajectory, and direction of the strike in a timely manner. We can be grateful to such a giant in the world of modern technologies as Microsoft for the fact that we can have all the necessary information to make a successful online bet in real-time!
The use of Artificial Intelligence in cricket looks promising. This approach takes cricket and online betting to the next level, which is so loved in the UK, India, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and North America.

The main advantages of this technology for placing bets are:

  • All functionality is available in the mobile application
  • Coaches and betting enthusiasts can receive information about the strengths and weaknesses of the player online
  • Coaches are able to provide timely advice to players during the match

Prospects for Using Artificial Intelligence in Cricket and How It Will Affect Bets

Media organization ESPNcricinfo together with the Indian Institute in Madras presented a unique high-tech program “Superstars”, which is able to predict not only the game plan but also the fate of a particular player! Imagine what successful bets you can make based on the data from this program!
Scientists who worked on the creation of this program tried to identify some of the superstars in the world of cricket, based on a database that was collected over 10 years using sophisticated artificial intelligence and algorithms. These methods use machine learning, which allows you to get any data about the player in real-time and make successful bets. One of the advantages of this technology is its transparency and impartiality. Such qualities are often lacking for betting fans who are often guided by their emotions.
Algorithms in real-time track the reaction, speed, accuracy, and stamina of the player. Based on this data, the program makes an accurate and impartial forecast. We can use such predictions to place a bet online on the best player in the Tournament or series.
Features of this program, that are useful for online betting:

  • Forecasting game events
  • Predicting the likelihood of the serving team winning
  • Predicting the odds of winning
  • Predicting the probability of injury and the probability of a wicket for each series of innings
  • Calculates the likely outcome for both teams’ bowlers

Along with coaches, players and fans, cricket bettors can access data on pressure index, player quality index, average bowler or batsman performance, and overall team efficiency.

This information heralds a time when, in order to succeed in cricket betting, you will no longer need to study the statistics of each player and team yourself. It will be enough just to download the required application for using artificial intelligence. The future of the world of online cricket betting has arrived!

Other Technological Advances in Cricket

Cricket has undergone the strongest influence of advanced technologies, which has made it possible to make this sport more spectacular and modern. It makes online betting on cricket easier too!
Cricket tournaments have attracted more spectators after the invention and implementation of the following technologies, which are actively used:
Snikometer – a technology that detects whether a cricket ball has touched a bat on its way to the wicket, which helps the referee to determine if a touch was made to make a fair decision. This technology was developed by Allan Plaskett in 1990.
Stump cameras, which are built into the wickets, made it possible to look at the game from a completely different angle.
Hawk-Eye – a software and hardware complex that allows you to simulate the trajectory of a ball falling.
Leg Before Wicket (LBW) – a technology that allows you to determine if the player’s foot touched the ball in front of the wicket.
As we can see, modern technologies are found in cricket at every step. Don’t be afraid to leverage the advances in modern technology to bet on cricket, as the industry is one of the fastest-growing and most reliable in online betting.

Impact of Technology on Players and Bettors

The information above can confuse even the most advanced user of modern gadgets and devices. Let’s take a closer look at how these technologies affect players and online bettors.
Useful information for batsman, obtained using modern devices:

  • Total points in the match
  • The number of balls that he hit
  • The number of fours and sixes earned with his help
  • Opponent’s bowler Running Speed
  • Scoring speed on specific throws

Useful information for bowler:

  • How many runs did he give to the opposing player
  • Number of balls he served
  • Average number of balls
  • Number of gates for delivery

Useful information for online bets:

  • General game statistics
  • Prediction of the likely outcome
  • The success rate of a particular player
  • Team success rate
  • Estimated number of wounds
  • Estimated number of wickets

If you are an experienced bettor, then you know how much this information is important for a successful bet. If you are new to the world of betting, then it is high time to discover the world of new technologies and excel in betting thanks to the fruits of technological progress.

Forward to the Future!

We believe the above information has completely destroyed the stereotype that cricket is an outdated and outdated game. You can see for yourself that the number of technologies used in cricket is amazing. Use them for online betting!
The most important thing for us is that we can rely on artificial intelligence and machine learning for analysis and make successful online bets without wasting time studying the leaderboards and statistics.
The future of online betting has already arrived!