Reliance Digital TV Customer Loyalty Programme Benefits

1. Hardware warranty
• Except STB remote all other hardware parts will be covered under warranty.
• Warranty will not be applicable if customer has mishandled, tampered and broken the hardware parts.
• Warranty will be applicable till customer is under waiver period
• 12 months for 12 months recharges plan & 24 months for 24 months recharges plan.
2. Free engineer visit
• Customer can avail this service in case of any technical issues faced.
• Charges related to relocation will not be free. It will be charged as per current rates.
• Applicable for 12 & 24 months recharges plans
3. Express Queue at Call Center (Direct call to customer care)
• Customer will be able to contact Call Center agent directly.
• Our customer care is at 1860-200-6666 & 1800-200-9001 (toll free) from 6.00 am to 11.00 pm
• Bypassing promotional IVR message will save customer’s time and will increase CC connectivity
• Customer’s registered mobile number is fed in backend system which will allow customers to bypass IVR.
• If customer is not calling from registered number than /she will have to follow regular process of authentication.
• Applicable for 12 & 24 months long term recharges plans
4. Promise now, Pay later service
• Customers who due to some reason would not be able to recharge on or before recharge due date can call contact center and get the service extended for 2 days.
• To extend recharge due date by 2 days customer will have to call and inform contact center about it.
• On recharge, 2 days amount will be deducted from customer’s account.
• Applicable for 12 & 24 months long term recharges plans
5. Complaint resolution on priority
• Loyalty program customer’s complaint will be given priority.
• It will be resolved in the shortest possible time compared to other customer complaints.
• Applicable for 12 & 24 months long term recharges plans

To subscribe please contact our customer contact center.