If you are a fan of cricket, then it must be interesting for you to bet on this amazing sport. If you haven’t played cricket before, then there are a few things you should know before diving into the world of cricket gambling. It is important to find a bookmaker that provides the best odds and limits for cricket matches around the world. Of course, this decision comes with choosing the best online payment method to fund your gaming account and learning how to place bets on that particular site. For cricket gambling, Betfair is the way to go.

What is Betfair?

Betfair Bookmaker is a platform and intermediary for players. Users themselves have the right to place bets at the desired odds. Hence, it has more pleasant and profitable odds than those of the bookmakers.
The next principle of the platform is the complete absence of margin, the percentage that the bookmaker imposes on the gambling market for personal profit. Therefore, you will not find coefficient 2 in the line on TB (2.5) and TM (2.5). For equal outcomes, the values ​​reach 1.85-1.9. Due to the lack of margin, platform offers predominantly profitable quotes.
The gambling exchange deducts a 6.5% commission, but exclusively on winning stakes. Only the winner pays, the losers of the stake are not subject to interest. Betfair offers its own odds, other bettors or set quotes personally. In this case, the exchange acts as a judge.
Its marketplace is not limited to the classic endgame outcomes. However, their offerings do not match the offerings of the bookmaker lines. For football matches, the platform rolls out stakes on totals, handicaps, exact scores, results after halves. The same with other sports, but only the main and popular bets are presented.

What are the other features of the Betfair site?

Of course, Betfair’s services are not limited to just one exchange. Experts stress out the main sections of the site:
Bookmaker. Recently, it has the opportunity to make bets in the usual way, that is, with a bookmaker. There is a separate section for this, and you can easily compare the offer with the gambling exchange.
Betfair Jackpot. It is another novelty from the platform: a person chooses the outcome suggested by the bookmaker, and if the bet is successful, he receives a huge cash prize.
Online casino. It has envisioned and organized limitless possibilities for online casinos in this scenario.
But do not forget that the gambling exchange is the main type of service on Betfair; it is the development of this branch that the bookmaker pays most attention to.

How does Betfair work?

On Betfair, the gambling exchange gives users the opportunity to play according to a different principle of forming the coefficient and concluding a deal: the bet is made between the players themselves, the site does not offer its own conditions, it is only an intermediary. It sounds complicated, but in reality everything is much simpler than it seems. The main points of this approach to gambling include:
The player offers the odds. Some bettors act as the seller of rates and odds. They offer the odds and the amount of the stake, and the buyer has two options: either to outbid him with a better offer, or to make a stake. In any case, at the time of the agreement, the transaction amount is blocked on the accounts of both players, and after the end of the event and the results, it is calculated.
To agree or not is the buyer’s choice. Surely you have noticed that when listing events there are two columns – “for” and “against”. Everything is simple here: you choose whether you agree with the proposal, or think that the outcome will be the opposite.
There is no margin, but there is a commission. Often odds on the Betfair gambling exchange look nicer than on standard bookmaker sites.
Betfair betting exchange. Simply put, playing on the this betting exchange is similar to playing on a regular exchange, only the risk of being screwed up is much lower here.

Is it profitable to bet on Betfair cricket?

Cricket is the fourth largest betting sport on Betfair in terms of betting volume. Every year about 46 thousand active visitors of the exchange put on English cricket. 90% of them bet on England matches and 40% on domestic club games. Around 5,436 cricket gambling options are available on Betfair over the course of a year.
An important advantage of the bookmaker, which shows its good faith, is that the betting exchange has signed a memorandum of cooperation and mutual exchange of information with the Cricket Federation of England and Wales. The agreement primarily concerns data on the suspicious nature of cricket betting by the exchange’s clients and allows Betfair to share with CFE any information both about such clients and the detailed history of their stakes. CFE will also have access to expert analytics from Betfair specialists.

Should you bet on cricket?

If you want to bet on cricket matches online, but still do not know where to start and what to do, you should study all the possible articles on the Internet on this topic, read expert reviews and chat with experienced bettors. The most important thing, of course, is to understand how cricket works, but we’re sure you already know about it!
The gambling exchange, like other similar platforms, is a market type of bookmaker. Sports stakes are open and the quotes are attractive. The game assumes taking into account the nuances, therefore “Betfair” is suitable either for gambling traders or professional gamblers.
Analyze all offers and bonuses from bookmakers to find the most convenient and profitable for you and you will definitely succeed!