Accomplished fans of wagering understand that safe and profitable betting is only possible with a reputable bookmaker who can be trusted. Newbies are often put into the hands of the first company they come across, which offers to make money on online cricket wagers, and they turn out to be deceived by scammers. In addition, for those who like making bets on cricket, you need to find such a bookmaker who, in all its diversity, presented such a multifaceted sport as cricket.

Bet365 is a Common Highroller Among Fans of Online Cricket Betting

We researched this topic and noticed that one of the most common bookmakers suitable for betting on cricket online is Bet365. Let’s see together with you what is the popularity of this bookmaker company and is it suitable for people who want to make money online by betting on cricket.

A Partnership With a Long and Successful History

Before drawing any conclusions about cricket betting itself, let us find out more about the provider itself and its history. In the case of this particular bookmaker, we have something to look at.
The history of the bookmaker Bet365 began back in 1974 in Great Britain, the country that gave the world our favorite sport – cricket! Until 2000, this company accepted offline wagers, including cricket wagers, but following development trends, since 2000, it began its triumphant online activity.
We can conclude that the people working in this crew are real professionals in their field, who faced their clients face to face and were personally responsible for the quality of the services provided.
The online activities of the company have become so successful that during 2005 the betting partnership Bet365 closed all its offices and concentrated on activities on the Internet. The company very quickly took the leading position in betting online and from 2010 to 2013 was annually recognized as the best betting company throughout the world by receiving the eGaming Review Awards. Knowing only this, most of us are confident that placing online bets on cricket in such a reputable company could be as safe and profitable as possible. In addition, in its home country in the UK, the provider Bet365
was named the best online bookmaker of the year in 2011.
The peak of development of this company was the moment when Bet365 was accepted as a member of the largest association of bookmakers Essa and Ibas.
So, we are confident that you are amazed at such a rich and successful company history.
But don’t relax! Let’s take a look at the services of the company Bet365 and what opportunities it provides for cricket betting!

The Site of the Company

The visiting card of any modern betting firm is the website. The website of the bookmaker Bet365 is made in the classic British conservative style. The site is dominated by soft green colors, symbolizing the coverage of the casino gaming tables.
The site contains a huge amount of useful information. On this site, we can easily find any information about cricket and with just a couple of clicks make a successful bet online.
One of the distinctive features of the Bet365 website is the presence of broadcasts of sports events on the website. These conditions allow us to simultaneously watch the championship and place online wagers on Test matches in LIVE format. It also indicates that the site is well maintained, which ensures that the site does not freeze at the most inopportune moment.
The company has also developed a convenient mobile application for people who are constantly on the move and who hardly manage to stay immersed in the world of online betting.
The registration process on the site of Bet365 is fast and convenient. To protect your funds and safety, when registering, you are asked to provide the following information:

  • the country
  • name
  • surname
  • date of Birth
  • passport data
  • the address
  • nickname
  • password
  • phone number
  • email address
  • postal code

Don’t let the number of documents required for registration scare you. Thus, the provider is trying to protect you and make your stay on the site or in the application as comfortable as possible.
The site operates in 20 different languages ​​and accepts funds in 20 different currencies of the world, making Bet365 a true international leader in the betting world online.

Payouts and Bonuses

Bookmaker Bet365 attracts a huge number of new wagering fans every day thanks to its generous bonuses for newbies. On the first deposit, you can receive a bonus of up to € 100, which cannot be withdrawn immediately, but bettors can place bets on cricket using them and earn money! Funds are paid out to your bank account within 5 days, but if you have an online wallet, you can receive your winnings instantly.
If you are worried about the safety of your funds and do not trust this bookmaker, then it is in vain, because the company Bet365 is licensed and controlled by British and Maltese legislation.

Advertising Company

Bookmaker Bet365, besides, is the leader in the number and quality of advertising. The company sponsors hundreds of matches and championships every year, including cricket.
The highlight that deserves a mention is the fact that the British Stock City team is owned by the family that runs Bet 365 and their home stadium is called “Bet365 Stadium”. Agree such facts inspire respect and confidence.

Trust the Professionals!

Summing up, we can say that the provider Bet365 is the leader in the cricket betting sphere of activity, as well as other events. The variety of wagers listed, the presence of generous bonuses for newcomers, and a long-term successful history leave no doubt about the integrity and professionalism of this company. We hope that working with this site will be profitable and exciting.
Good luck!