Enjoy 5% cashback on online Reliance Digital TV recharges

Eligibility: Any existing Reliance Digital TV subscriber who recharges "online" will get 5% cashback in his/her Reliance Digital TV account. There is no minimum recharge amount limit for this offer. She/he can recharge with any amount of his/her choice.

Online modes: Following modes are covered under online transactions - Credit / Debit card, Net banking, EBPP, CCSI, ECS.

Cashback credit limit: There is no limit on cashback amount. 5% cashback will be credited on the amount recharged by subscriber through any of the above online mode.

Existing Rs. 15/- cashback offer on Rs. 300 & above is separate from this 5% cashback offer. Subscriber can be eligible for both the cashback benefits depending the criteria set for these offers.

cashback will be credited in customer's account on real-time basis.
Q1. What is Reliance Digital TV’s 5% cashback offer?
Ans. It is a new offer launched by Reliance Digital TV for its existing subscribers. Under this offer, any existing subscriber who recharges online will get 5% cashback in his/her Reliance Digital TV account.
Q2. Is there any minimum amount limit set for online recharge transaction?
Ans. For convenience of subscribers, there is not minimum amount limit set. You may recharge online with amount of your choice.
Q3. My account status is suspended. Will I get cashback if I recharge online?
Ans. Any online recharge will be eligible for 5% cashback offer. It is irrespective of account status i.e., Active or suspended.
Q4. Is there any limit on cashback amount benefit?
Ans. There is no limit on cashback amount benefit. You can recharge with any amount and cashback on that much amount will be credited in your account.
Q5. Which all modes will qualify as online transactions?
Ans. Recharges done through following modes will be considered as online transactions:
- Credit / debit card
- Net-banking / EBPP i.e., Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment
- ECS i.e., Electronic Clearing System
- CCSI i.e., Credit card standing instructions
Q6. Where will the cashback amount be credited?
Ans. cashback amount will be credited in your Reliance Digital TV account. It is the same account where your recharged amount gets credited. Ex: If you recharge with Rs. 500 online than your account will reflect Rs Rs. 550 balance i.e., Rs. 50 is cashback amount.
Q7. Can I transfer cashback amount to my bank account?
Ans. No, but you can use cashback amount to enjoy various Reliance Digital TV services.
Q8. Can I link my bank account to get cashback?
Ans. Cashback amount will be credited in your Reliance Digital TV account only.
Q9. When I will get the cashback amount?
Ans. After successful recharge you will get cashback amount immediately. In case, you don’t receive it, we request you to wait for couple of hours as due to technical issues it may sometime get delayed.
Q10. Is this cashback offer different from the Rs. 15/- cashback offer?
Ans. Yes. This is 5% cashback offer only for online recharges for all existing subscribers irrespective of their account status. Details of Rs. 15/- cashback amount are as follows:
- On recharge of Rs. 300 & above within 5 days from recharge due date, subscriber will get Rs. 15/- cashback in his/her account.
- If customer recharges 2 times in a day with Rs. 300 or above than cashback amount will be credited only for 1 transaction i.e..Rs. 15/- only.
- Cashback amount is fixed irrespective of any amount recharged above Rs. 300.
Q11. Will I be eligible for both the offers if I recharge online with Rs. 300 or above within 5 days of my recharge due date?
Ans. Yes, you will be eligible. Both the offers are different and not interlinked. If you satisfy the eligibility criteria for both the offers than you will get benefit of both the offers.